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I didn't get a chance...

To review this movie when I originally viewed it, so I am fixing that now!

Excellent work on this one, Munglai. Great take on the classic strawberry storyline; the animation was nice and appropriate, complimenting the flash well. Only positive things to say about this one!

IMO quite possibly one of the best Clock Day entries I have ever seen. All class.

Insert hilarious 300 quote here.

Upon seeing the submission load and hearing the music, I was met with visions of the copier smashing scene. I then went and watched Office Space again.

With that out of the way, I feel I can comfortably review this flash. Awesome art plus cock jokes is a striking combination. Not only do I love 300, I also love the way it lends itself to so much hilarity.

Would have liked it if there was a bit more length, but short is still good. It's all about girth, you know.

Thanks for the laugh Johnny!

I laughed.

But I think that was mainly due to the author comments.

Anyway, I watched this movie last night, and then I was all like "I know, I'll watch that 300 parody on NG", and now here I am. The film being fresh in my mind certainly boosted the appreciation level, but not by much. I would have liked to see more than just two parts. The music was good though.

Still, I have a soft spot for pointless garbage parodies, which this was. Carry on!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

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Solid Puzzler!

I really enjoyed playing this game, and there were quite a few challenging moments. The presentation and style really complimented the puzzle theme, and the graphics and sound were top-notch. Once I started, I found myself incredibly engrossed, and I couldn't stop until I had got through all the tasks.

There isn't much more I could ask for in a puzzle game of this variety. Well done.

Great Job!

Very nice work on this one guys. Being a fan of puzzle games, I really enjoyed playing something that gets the mind working. I didn't actually see this game when it was first submitted, but after watching a friend playing it, I found an excellent time waster for those slow moments.

Aside from being a simple but well designed concept, the presentation was top-notch (though I would expect no less from Stamper). Nice music, sound and graphics compliment the game well, and everything comes across as very slick. I couldn't really pick any faults overall.

Time to sniff out some more words!

Nice Little Game.

Being a huge zombie fan, I quite enjoyed your game. Sure it could have had levels and been more advanced (as you mentioned), but it was still entertaining enough and nicely put together. Also, it kept me playing for a while, which is always a huge bonus.

Good sound, although maybe some music could have added a bit more atmosphere, and I liked you art style.

Overall, definitely above average. Keep up the good work Alessandro!

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Insert heart-warming 80's montage.

The Presets would be jealous.

A great rendition of an already great song!

I was browsing through the AP when I saw this track listed - and obviously I HAD to take a look, seeing as the soundtrack to Dire, Dire Docks is one of my favorite pieces from the entire Mario 64 game. I was not disappointed. You have put a nice spin on a brilliant tune, and created something fairly unique in itself.

The memories came flooding back happily, and a 'techno-ey' fun version didn't detract from the original vibe of the piece. Just gave it a different perspective.

Keep up the good work Saku.

Grand Chase as a title is a little off-puting.

Hmmm, stumbled across this little loop and I must say, I really quite liked it. Very, very chilled, which is a good thing. It's definitely more ambient to me than trance, but I feel it would be well suited in a video game soundtrack more than anything else (in it's current form). I don't have a problem with the repetitiveness seeing as it's a loop (in fact I've had it playing during the composing of this review and it hasn't gotten annoying or old in any way), but I suppose you could branch out and make a full blown song out of it. Could be cool. I would be inclined though, to be careful when adding more and more to a track and trying to create diversity. Sometimes, the original effect can be lost.

By the way, Liquidfire666 mentioned that he got a Bomberman64 feel out of this track and I have to agree, though I also don't know why exactly. Something to do with the vibe of it.

Keep up the good work anyhow.


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