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Solid Puzzler!

I really enjoyed playing this game, and there were quite a few challenging moments. The presentation and style really complimented the puzzle theme, and the graphics and sound were top-notch. Once I started, I found myself incredibly engrossed, and I couldn't stop until I had got through all the tasks.

There isn't much more I could ask for in a puzzle game of this variety. Well done.

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Great Job!

Very nice work on this one guys. Being a fan of puzzle games, I really enjoyed playing something that gets the mind working. I didn't actually see this game when it was first submitted, but after watching a friend playing it, I found an excellent time waster for those slow moments.

Aside from being a simple but well designed concept, the presentation was top-notch (though I would expect no less from Stamper). Nice music, sound and graphics compliment the game well, and everything comes across as very slick. I couldn't really pick any faults overall.

Time to sniff out some more words!

Zelda makes me happy.

Being a huge fan of the Zelda series, I just had to check out this submission when I saw it on the front page. The presentation was nice, with a litle intro/titles/etc adding to the effect. Graphically, you used sprites, but this isn't a bad thing, really. For a game such as this, I think it's pretty important (even though I'm not a huge fan of sprites).

Soundwise, your submission wasn't bad. nothing too original here, but it's hard to do that when you are making a tribute game I guess. All the sounds were true to the Zelda theme, however, so that was a good thing. I liked the music choices, by the way.

In terms of gameplay, I thought this game was above average. Although it was simple, there wqas enough to keep me entertained. Making the game a bit longer could be good, but it isn't really that necessary. Also, modes of difficulty would be nice, but this isn't really a Zelda thing I guess. I didn't have problems with lag, it was ok, and I couldn't note any major problems in the gameplay side of things.

Overall, I was impresed though. You did the Zelda name justice with this submission. I don't know if you are going to make more, but there is a huge amount of potential here. Keep up the good work Guillaume!

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Nice Little Game.

Being a huge zombie fan, I quite enjoyed your game. Sure it could have had levels and been more advanced (as you mentioned), but it was still entertaining enough and nicely put together. Also, it kept me playing for a while, which is always a huge bonus.

Good sound, although maybe some music could have added a bit more atmosphere, and I liked you art style.

Overall, definitely above average. Keep up the good work Alessandro!


I have been waiting quite some time for this game to hit Newgrounds, so yay and stuff that it's finally here. You have already mentioned the slowness thing, but meh, the game still rocks. I particularly like the style and art (no faces, good move!).

Make more games, forsterbar.

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Above average.

Well, although you said it was incomplete, I still found it to be a pretty good game. Presentation wise, it was nicely done, although the graphics were a little lacking in parts. Still, there were also some great graphics present, in particular, the main character. I thought the enemies let this down a little.

In terms of gameplay, it wasn't bad either. Gave me some good old "Rampage" flashbacks, but the controls seemed a little sluggish at times. It also got a little repetitive, so maybe better level design could be an improvement.

Overall, above average, but it needs some more work. There are plenty of good things about this game, but it's not an even balance.

Milky Goodness.

Haha, THAT WAS GREAT. Long have I waited for the milk game to appear, and now my dreams of commanding the dairy cannon can finally be realised.

Presentation and stylewise, you get top marks. Although a simple little game, the graphics were nicely done and animated, and its good to see things like menu's, help, credits, and nice title screen. It certainly adds to the professionalism level. I was hoping for different difficulty setttings, but maybe in the sequal ; )

The music and audio were quality (the sound effects all had a certain 'milkyness' to them), and that song is still looping in my head. A perfect choice for theme of the game.

It's downfall is probably it's lack of replayability, but its still got a whole heap of novelty value to make up for that. Overall, nice job with the game Dan and Paiste. Do more collabs!

DanAbnormal responds:

Make sure to use your dairy cannon comment as a sexual innuendo in future references!
Thanks for the good scores!
yeah i know what you mean about replay value, but i kinda made it hard so people will go back and try.

Great Work Yet Again!

That game was amazing, the graphics were the usual synj goodness, and the gameplay and audio were also top notch. I have played the game through once, and it's still impressing me. It doesn't have huge replay value, but it definitely makes up for this with the style alone.

In conclusion, AWESOME. Great work again guys :)

My score wasn't as high as I expected...

Not bad for this sort of thing (I'm sure all the stat whores will love it). Although, I still can't work out how you defined a feasible maney amunt for each of these stats; but I suppose thats not really the point anyway.

Onto the game itself, the presentation was nice, and I liked the NG style you had, but you could have done more here and made the whole thing look better. The old school audio track was nice touch though.

The batting average and whistle were a nice upgrade, but I still think the money you get from Flash and Audio submitions is too little. Meh, thats just my opinion anyway.

Overall, I liked the NG theme, and I thought it was a good idea, but it doesn't really have any replay value. After I entered my own stats, and a few other people, I got bored of it.

Haha, GREAT.

I really liked that game, it had just the right mix of novelty and gameplay. Also, being a huge fan of the old school ganes, I really appreciated the whole Donkey Kong theme.

The animation and music suited the style really well, and the whole thing was nicely presented, with an intro, and menu, and what not. Different modes were also a plus, although I have only tried the hard mode so far.

Anyway, it was fun for the whole fmaily. I'm hoping to see this one make the frontpage soon. Great work guys.

PsychoGoldfish responds:

Hehe,likewise, ;). Thanks.


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