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I didn't get a chance...

To review this movie when I originally viewed it, so I am fixing that now!

Excellent work on this one, Munglai. Great take on the classic strawberry storyline; the animation was nice and appropriate, complimenting the flash well. Only positive things to say about this one!

IMO quite possibly one of the best Clock Day entries I have ever seen. All class.

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Insert hilarious 300 quote here.

Upon seeing the submission load and hearing the music, I was met with visions of the copier smashing scene. I then went and watched Office Space again.

With that out of the way, I feel I can comfortably review this flash. Awesome art plus cock jokes is a striking combination. Not only do I love 300, I also love the way it lends itself to so much hilarity.

Would have liked it if there was a bit more length, but short is still good. It's all about girth, you know.

Thanks for the laugh Johnny!

I laughed.

But I think that was mainly due to the author comments.

Anyway, I watched this movie last night, and then I was all like "I know, I'll watch that 300 parody on NG", and now here I am. The film being fresh in my mind certainly boosted the appreciation level, but not by much. I would have liked to see more than just two parts. The music was good though.

Still, I have a soft spot for pointless garbage parodies, which this was. Carry on!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

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Solid Puzzler!

I really enjoyed playing this game, and there were quite a few challenging moments. The presentation and style really complimented the puzzle theme, and the graphics and sound were top-notch. Once I started, I found myself incredibly engrossed, and I couldn't stop until I had got through all the tasks.

There isn't much more I could ask for in a puzzle game of this variety. Well done.

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Great Job!

Very nice work on this one guys. Being a fan of puzzle games, I really enjoyed playing something that gets the mind working. I didn't actually see this game when it was first submitted, but after watching a friend playing it, I found an excellent time waster for those slow moments.

Aside from being a simple but well designed concept, the presentation was top-notch (though I would expect no less from Stamper). Nice music, sound and graphics compliment the game well, and everything comes across as very slick. I couldn't really pick any faults overall.

Time to sniff out some more words!

Zelda makes me happy.

Being a huge fan of the Zelda series, I just had to check out this submission when I saw it on the front page. The presentation was nice, with a litle intro/titles/etc adding to the effect. Graphically, you used sprites, but this isn't a bad thing, really. For a game such as this, I think it's pretty important (even though I'm not a huge fan of sprites).

Soundwise, your submission wasn't bad. nothing too original here, but it's hard to do that when you are making a tribute game I guess. All the sounds were true to the Zelda theme, however, so that was a good thing. I liked the music choices, by the way.

In terms of gameplay, I thought this game was above average. Although it was simple, there wqas enough to keep me entertained. Making the game a bit longer could be good, but it isn't really that necessary. Also, modes of difficulty would be nice, but this isn't really a Zelda thing I guess. I didn't have problems with lag, it was ok, and I couldn't note any major problems in the gameplay side of things.

Overall, I was impresed though. You did the Zelda name justice with this submission. I don't know if you are going to make more, but there is a huge amount of potential here. Keep up the good work Guillaume!

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Insert heart-warming 80's montage.

The Presets would be jealous.

A great rendition of an already great song!

I was browsing through the AP when I saw this track listed - and obviously I HAD to take a look, seeing as the soundtrack to Dire, Dire Docks is one of my favorite pieces from the entire Mario 64 game. I was not disappointed. You have put a nice spin on a brilliant tune, and created something fairly unique in itself.

The memories came flooding back happily, and a 'techno-ey' fun version didn't detract from the original vibe of the piece. Just gave it a different perspective.

Keep up the good work Saku.

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Grand Chase as a title is a little off-puting.

Hmmm, stumbled across this little loop and I must say, I really quite liked it. Very, very chilled, which is a good thing. It's definitely more ambient to me than trance, but I feel it would be well suited in a video game soundtrack more than anything else (in it's current form). I don't have a problem with the repetitiveness seeing as it's a loop (in fact I've had it playing during the composing of this review and it hasn't gotten annoying or old in any way), but I suppose you could branch out and make a full blown song out of it. Could be cool. I would be inclined though, to be careful when adding more and more to a track and trying to create diversity. Sometimes, the original effect can be lost.

By the way, Liquidfire666 mentioned that he got a Bomberman64 feel out of this track and I have to agree, though I also don't know why exactly. Something to do with the vibe of it.

Keep up the good work anyhow.


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