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Milky Goodness.

Haha, THAT WAS GREAT. Long have I waited for the milk game to appear, and now my dreams of commanding the dairy cannon can finally be realised.

Presentation and stylewise, you get top marks. Although a simple little game, the graphics were nicely done and animated, and its good to see things like menu's, help, credits, and nice title screen. It certainly adds to the professionalism level. I was hoping for different difficulty setttings, but maybe in the sequal ; )

The music and audio were quality (the sound effects all had a certain 'milkyness' to them), and that song is still looping in my head. A perfect choice for theme of the game.

It's downfall is probably it's lack of replayability, but its still got a whole heap of novelty value to make up for that. Overall, nice job with the game Dan and Paiste. Do more collabs!

DanAbnormal responds:

Make sure to use your dairy cannon comment as a sexual innuendo in future references!
Thanks for the good scores!
yeah i know what you mean about replay value, but i kinda made it hard so people will go back and try.

Haha, GREAT.

I really liked that game, it had just the right mix of novelty and gameplay. Also, being a huge fan of the old school ganes, I really appreciated the whole Donkey Kong theme.

The animation and music suited the style really well, and the whole thing was nicely presented, with an intro, and menu, and what not. Different modes were also a plus, although I have only tried the hard mode so far.

Anyway, it was fun for the whole fmaily. I'm hoping to see this one make the frontpage soon. Great work guys.

PsychoGoldfish responds:

Hehe,likewise, ;). Thanks.

Hmmm. Rather disapointing.

Being someone who appreciated Jackass and CKY in the past, I thought I would check this quiz out. Unfortunately, I wasn't too impressed at all. First off, the graphics are really bad. There is some AS knowledge demonstrated in the game, but the presentation side really lets it down. If there was a nice graphical interface, with a bit of style and a good colour scheme, I think this could have done a little better.

As for the game itself, the content was ok. AS I have watched alot of these shows, I thought I would know pretty much all the questions, but even I found some of them hard. The questions seemed aimed at die-hard fans, as opposed to general viewers, but meh.

Overall, nothing impressive at all. The massive filesize doesn't help either, and I know that if you compress video more, the quality is terrible. Unfortunately, the format itself is hard to submit, with the 5 mb limit and all. Anyway, keep it up, and hopefully your next submission will be better.

AgencyofStupidity responds:

2 years later, and I'm just now responding, shame on me.... anyway, I appreciated the input. I'll admit, this was when i was an extreme noob at flash, and i rushed through it without going back and "fancying" it up. I hope to redeem myself with the second one. so anyway, thanks for the constructive critism.


That was a really cool game. Being a fan of Star Trek, the setting appealed to me, and I liked the alternate style storyline.

The graphics were pretty good, and the interfaces well designed, although my only problem was that the information was a little small at times. I imagine it would look a lot better on full screen mode. Also I lagged a bit on the high quality setting, so maybe a medium level as standard would have been better.

The actual game itself was great, with a good level of complexity and challenge. I will have to try it out again with some of the other races, but what I saw was already pretty impressive. The audio was also nice, and kept with the theme well.

Overall, a very cool game Vex. I'll look forward to seeing more stuff from you in the future.

vex-xiang responds:


Simple, but good.

Although that was a very simple idea, it was well executed and came out pretty good I think. I would have liked to see more options, as it got repetitive very fast. The art was quite nice though, and it had that typical carmelhadinosaur quirkiness. The audio was fairly decent, and matched up ok with the subject mater.

Overall, to me it was like a glorified dress up game, but still pretty neat all the same. Bonus points for a fairly original idea.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks - I tried putting a nice music to match this. Also, you're right about options.. repetitivity.. came out well.. dress up.. quirkiness lolz . Well thanks for playing! Heh..

Go-go cartman!

That was a pretty cool little Flash carmelhadinosaur. I liked the fact that there were a few different sections; a much better idea than submitting them individually. Although they all worked fairly well, my favourite was probably where you had to find the different bits of cartman in the scribble mess.

The animated hand, which was used for the scene transitions was a nice idea, and kept with the theme of the rest of it. My only complaint was that there could have been better audio. For example, some music would have been good during some of the silence.

Overall, not bad at all. Keep up the good work.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

I'm glad you like my little game the most, I was trying to think of a very simple game that with my narrow knowledge of AS I can make.. :P
You're right about the music indeed, now that you mentioned it, it does have some silence.. :P

Very Nice.

Wow, you don't see things like this on Newgrounds very much at all.
It's pretty hard to review, using the normal guidelines, but I think you have done well here.

I'm going to test it oiut and see how it goes, at this stage everything seems to be working fine.

Keep up the good work Mac.

mac5 responds:

Thanks a bunch, idle. It means a lot to me that you leave such a fine review. I've worked hard on this, making sure that there were no bugs, and I'm glad that people are appreciating it!

Thanks for the review,
~MaCaTtAcK ( mac5, but someone took macattack as a screen name >:( )

Nice game.

Damn, that game wasted precious minutes of my life!

Still, it was a nice concept, made batter by the Clock Crew theme to it. The actual game worked well, and even though there was little in the way of animation, the graphics were still colorful and crisp. Keep up the good work (there aren't nearly enough true Clock submissions going around these days).

<3 Clocks.

OrangeClock responds:

strawberry clock is the king of the portal


I actually find myself referring to this submission an abnormal amount of times. I'm also in the habit of sending this link to people when they have any questions, so it's a really useful little guide. The presentation is nice and clean, and I didn't mind the music either (especially track 2). Good work Doofy.

Pilot-Doofy responds:

Thanks! I'm glad someone with such fame is a fan. Thanks again.


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