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I liked it.

That was decent game, although my only problem was that it was a little simple. It was well designed though, and played nicely, despite getting repetitive after a while. There was choice of normal firing, or the special move, and this was slightly limited, but nothing major. Maybe one more variation of attack would have helped.

The animation was nice and basic, and suited the style really well. I guess you could have done more, and made the models more detailed; Still it reminded of that old game "Spectre Challenge", which is good im my books. The intro menu was a nice touch, and added a more professional feel to your flash. The audio also suited the theme very well.

Overall, I liked that game for what it was. Simple, but effective. Keep up the quality work Wez.

OMG extreme quality alert.

Heh, finally I get to play Overrun 2!
I gave it a good go when it was first released, and I'm having another crack at it now, as I only just realised I was yet to review it. Being a huge fan of the original, I had been waiting with baited breath for this to come out and it hasn't been a let down at all.

From the start, it’s all quality. A nice menu interface gets you in the mood, and contains lots of cool information. The new difficulty settings are a plus, as well as the addition of wasd movement keys and save game action. The in game interface and design is nice, and gives you everything you need without being cluttered.

The gameplay is very similar to Overrun, but thats to be expected. I noticed some new items, as well as new enemies (those classic sticks were still there though). The multiple hits system for enemies was a good touch, and having a shop added a really great rpg element to it.

I appreciated the graphical improvements, even though a similar style was kept with original. The nice, bright colours, and clean looks, worked really well with the game itself.

Once again, the audio selection is superb (one of the main things I loved about the original was the huge selection of audio tracks), and I really like the music during the start menu. It's so nice and peaceful, I'm just letting it loop right now.

Overall, it's awesome. Denvish has really excelled himself with this one. Great graphics, gameplay, and audio all combined to create an excellent game, definitely worthy of top 50. I will be looking forward to seeing your Next submission Den; keep up the good work.

Now time to get back to the game...


That was a really cool game. Being a fan of Star Trek, the setting appealed to me, and I liked the alternate style storyline.

The graphics were pretty good, and the interfaces well designed, although my only problem was that the information was a little small at times. I imagine it would look a lot better on full screen mode. Also I lagged a bit on the high quality setting, so maybe a medium level as standard would have been better.

The actual game itself was great, with a good level of complexity and challenge. I will have to try it out again with some of the other races, but what I saw was already pretty impressive. The audio was also nice, and kept with the theme well.

Overall, a very cool game Vex. I'll look forward to seeing more stuff from you in the future.

vex-xiang responds:


Simple, but good.

Although that was a very simple idea, it was well executed and came out pretty good I think. I would have liked to see more options, as it got repetitive very fast. The art was quite nice though, and it had that typical carmelhadinosaur quirkiness. The audio was fairly decent, and matched up ok with the subject mater.

Overall, to me it was like a glorified dress up game, but still pretty neat all the same. Bonus points for a fairly original idea.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks - I tried putting a nice music to match this. Also, you're right about options.. repetitivity.. came out well.. dress up.. quirkiness lolz . Well thanks for playing! Heh..

Go-go cartman!

That was a pretty cool little Flash carmelhadinosaur. I liked the fact that there were a few different sections; a much better idea than submitting them individually. Although they all worked fairly well, my favourite was probably where you had to find the different bits of cartman in the scribble mess.

The animated hand, which was used for the scene transitions was a nice idea, and kept with the theme of the rest of it. My only complaint was that there could have been better audio. For example, some music would have been good during some of the silence.

Overall, not bad at all. Keep up the good work.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

I'm glad you like my little game the most, I was trying to think of a very simple game that with my narrow knowledge of AS I can make.. :P
You're right about the music indeed, now that you mentioned it, it does have some silence.. :P

That was pretty good.

I thought that game was pretty good, although nothing great. It was addictive at first, but it got repetitive towards the end. My advice would be to add more weapons, and enemies. Being able to move around (even in a limited degree) would also be cool.

Very Nice.

Wow, you don't see things like this on Newgrounds very much at all.
It's pretty hard to review, using the normal guidelines, but I think you have done well here.

I'm going to test it oiut and see how it goes, at this stage everything seems to be working fine.

Keep up the good work Mac.

mac5 responds:

Thanks a bunch, idle. It means a lot to me that you leave such a fine review. I've worked hard on this, making sure that there were no bugs, and I'm glad that people are appreciating it!

Thanks for the review,
~MaCaTtAcK ( mac5, but someone took macattack as a screen name >:( )

Nice game.

Damn, that game wasted precious minutes of my life!

Still, it was a nice concept, made batter by the Clock Crew theme to it. The actual game worked well, and even though there was little in the way of animation, the graphics were still colorful and crisp. Keep up the good work (there aren't nearly enough true Clock submissions going around these days).

<3 Clocks.

OrangeClock responds:

strawberry clock is the king of the portal

Ha Ha

You captured the essence of IM perfectly. The graphics and style were well suited, and the gaming elements added a nice twist to the theme.
I had a lot of fun playing this game; keep up the good work Cycon.

pretty average.

Nothing new here at all. It wasn't too bad, but it needs more sounds, and a better layout. Also, try to work on the sound quality, especially with the differening volumes of the sounds. I find constantly having to change my speaker volume rather annoying.


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