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Very Nice.

Another quality submission from you Jeremy. I really liked this one, especially the part where you have to fight Riker, that was hilarious. As always, your graphics have that distinct style, which works really well with the subject matter. Overall, a great game.


I don't see what the big deal is - I have seen much worse get through the portal. I don't think this is a terrible submission as such, and I think it deserves a better score than it's current one (not much more though). Dress-up games are becoming a bit old now, so if you want to get a good score, you really have to do something different. Having it drawn (instead of a photo) was an interesting touch, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Very nice game.

That was a great game, it had me addicted for quite some time!
At first it seemed kind of simple, but as I progressed through the levels, I was pleasantly surprised with challenging, multi-layered game. The graphics suited the style, and the audio selection was top notch (I found that some of these tracks really got me immersed in the endless shooting). Overall, a quality submission all round. Keep up the good work Denvish.

Just a spot of advice for Overrun 2, it could be handy to have the choice between key set-ups. I was thinking mainly in having the option to use the W,A,S,D keys for movement instead of the arrow keys. This would allow for less of a cramped style : )

Not a bad game.

That wasn't a bad game, but nothing too spectacular. I liked the ideas behind it, but I think the graphics let it down somewhat. Still, it was fun for a little while.


I actually find myself referring to this submission an abnormal amount of times. I'm also in the habit of sending this link to people when they have any questions, so it's a really useful little guide. The presentation is nice and clean, and I didn't mind the music either (especially track 2). Good work Doofy.

Pilot-Doofy responds:

Thanks! I'm glad someone with such fame is a fan. Thanks again.


Not bad for a pac man clone.
The invincible pellets are way too hard to get. Please fix this.

Thats got a nice feel to it.

Thats got to be the sexiest soundboard I have ever laid eyes on. Kudos to you for bringing The Man to NG in style. I can't say I don't envy you for your skills in making this well presented soundboard. It's top notch. Good Show.

cool game.

That was was quite a nice little submission, KrazeeOne. The graphics and music were above average, and the game dynamics worked well. Bonus points for originality.


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